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Sail the Adriatic in Style with Our Speedboat Rental in Croatia

Unlock the beauty of Croatia’s coastline by renting our premium speedboat . Moored in the Zadar region, our boat is ready for excursions within a 160 km radius. Enjoy the freedom to explore the coastal wonders around Zadar, Split, and the renowned Kornati archipelago. Our speedboat will transport you to the stunning bays and beaches, showcasing the unparalleled beauty for which Croatia is famous. Elevate your coastal experience with our speedboat rentals for an unforgettable Adriatic journey


Discover Hidden Paradises with Our Tailored Excursions

Embark on a voyage to breathtaking bays and secluded beaches inaccessible to larger vessels. Our experienced captain will guide you to uncharted destinations, far from the typical tourist resorts. You have the flexibility to follow the captain’s recommendations for extraordinary spots or chart your own course to a personally chosen destination. Whether guided by our captain’s expertise or your own preferences, the journey promises to unveil hidden gems beyond the ordinary.


Set Sail at Your Leisure

Our speedboat is available for booking every day from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, offering you the flexibility to extend your maritime adventure until 10:00 pm if desired. Choose the timeframe that suits your schedule and make the most of your time on the water.


Information and Technical Data for the Speedboat

Speedboat made by Italian company Performance. The manufacturer Perfomance is known for reliable and high-performance boats with a unique design.

Performance 701
50 knots (approx. 90 km/h)
2 engines 500 HP each (total 1,000 HP)
6,80 m
2,40 m
Max. height:
1,80 m
0,60 m
Cabin height:
1,20 m
Bunk beds:
6 passengers and 2 crew members
tank approx. 200 l
≥ 1,950 kg

Seamless Booking Experience

Easily secure your speedboat rental by booking online. Simply inform us of your preferred rental time, and we’ll promptly respond to confirm your reservation. Your coastal adventure awaits!

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